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Photography is absolutely key to every website is of course the images used on the website. For the most part, it’s best to use what you can from your own business. Stock photography might be easier, faster, and cost less but unrealistic and perhaps less representative of for example your food menu. Poster campaigns, food brochures, and menus go hand in hand with your website, so, having the imagery done with this in mind is often the most cost-effective approach to bringing your service or product to market.

For additional examples of our  gallery of photography please go to MediaGarde.com

  • We use all professional Canon equipment.
  • Canon 5D IV and associated L Glass.
  • We are covered by Canon Professional Services.
  • Backdrops and lighting can be supplied on location depending on requirements.
  • Video and audio microphones etc is also on request.


We are passionate about our photography and have conducted a number of campaigns from Product Photography to food photography to portraits and staff “headshots” – every job is different so don’t hesitate to get in touch and discuss the project you have in mind.


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