Researchers develop nonflammable electrolyte to prevent thermal runaway in lithium-ion batteries

A collaborative research team led by Dr. Minah Lee of the Energy Storage Research Center, Professor Dong-Hwa Seo of KAIST, and Drs. Yong-Jin Kim and Jayeon Baek of the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH) has developed a nonflammable electrolyte that does not catch fire at room temperature by tailoring the molecular structure of linear organic carbonate to prevent fire and thermal runaway in lithium-ion batteries.

Synthetic jet fuel is taking off as industry-academic partnership makes case for fully formulated fuel

Greenfield Global, a leading supplier of fuel ethanol, high-purity alcohols and specialty solvents, have teamed up with scientists at the University of Alberta in Canada, to make a compelling case for fully formulated synthetic jet fuel. This aviation fuel is derived exclusively from renewable feedstocks and would eliminate petroleum-derived kerosene.