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‘Energy droughts’ in wind and solar can last nearly a week, research shows

Solar and wind power may be free, renewable fuels, but they also depend on natural processes that humans cannot control. It’s one thing to acknowledge the risks that come with renewable energy: the sun doesn’t always shine and the wind doesn’t always blow, but what happens when the grid loses both of these energy sources at the same time?

Q&A: How to harness energy from Africa’s garbage dumps—and save billions in future damage

New research on garbage dumps in 44 sub-Saharan African countries shows that 95% are unregulated. The landfill sites still take in new garbage even when they are filled to capacity. As the waste decomposes, these sites release harmful greenhouse gases. However, using methane gas to generate energy instead could save the continent billions of dollars. We talk to sustainability scientist and author of the research, Nkweauseh Reginald Longfor.

Technology not growing fast enough to decarbonize steel and cement industries by 2050, says study

Steel and cement are two materials that no society can do without. Their production comes with a significant carbon footprint, however. To meet zero-emission targets under the Paris Agreement, countries, cities, and industries are depending on new large-scale infrastructure for CO2 transport and storage, renewable electricity and green hydrogen.
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