Industrial Symbiosis Systems

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Mapping the inequalities of low-carbon electricity

Greenhouse gas reduction, new jobs, new investment opportunities: the benefits of decarbonizing the electricity sector—one of the most polluting—are obvious. However, a transition to lower-carbon electricity production could have a negative impact on some regions, depending on their vulnerabilities and their capacity to adapt, while it could have a positive impact on others.

New inorganic wide-bandgap perovskite subcells that are both efficient and stable

All-perovskite tandem solar cells, stacks of p-n junctions formed from perovskites with different energy bandgaps, have the potential of achieving higher efficiencies than conventional single-junction solar cells. So far, however, most proposed all-perovskite tandem cells have not achieved the desired power conversion efficiencies (PCEs), often due to difficulties associated with creating suitable narrow- and wide-bandgap subcells.

IETS Conference on Energy Future in Industry (9th-11th May 2023)

Organized by Industrial Energy – Related Technologies and Systems (IETS) the Conference on Energy Future in Industry will take place in Gothenburg, Sweden on Tuesday 9th to Thursday 11th May 2023! The aim of the conference is to give an overview of opportunities for major industrial technologies and systems for radical GHG emissions mitigation in

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Innovative technology showcased for mobile radioactive source recovery

A crowd gathers around a black wooden box that resembles a short refrigerator, waiting for the motion of a pair of robotic arms sitting just outside the box. When the arms move, a wave of excited energy in the room at Idaho National Laboratory conveys how this simple action may alter the future of international radioactive source removal and disposal.