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Better than net zero? Making the promised 1.2 million homes climate-friendly would transform construction in Australia

The national cabinet has announced plans to build an extra 1.2 million homes by July 1 2029. The construction, operation and maintenance of buildings accounts for almost a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions in Australia. If these new homes are built in a business-as-usual fashion, they will significantly increase national greenhouse gas emissions.

New coal-fired power plants in the Global South are often driven by the desire for new markets

The climate crisis involves capital flows: according to the Paris Climate Agreement they must be made “consistent with a pathway toward low greenhouse gas emissions.” But a new study shows that cross-border loans from public banks, especially from China, Japan and South Korea, are a major driver of new coal-fired power plants in the Global South. And the loans are often just a means to an end for export deals.

A proposal to build a sub-Saharan Africa electrical grid across 12 countries

A team of economists and engineers from China, Turkey and Nigeria has published a proposal based on simulations to build a sub-Saharan Africa electrical grid across 12 countries. In their paper published in the journal Scientific Reports, the group outlines which countries would be involved, factors that would be used to build such a grid, and estimated costs.